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 Codex Spammoria

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Itsuki Koizumi
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Minister of Finance
Itsuki Koizumi

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PostSubject: Codex Spammoria   Codex Spammoria I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 15, 2009 1:14 pm

Codex Spammoria

Article I: Eleven Commandments of Spam

I. Thou can GRAVE DIG
II. Thou shall not rerail any derailed topics
III. Thou must as much as possible
IV. Thou will not Rick-Roll fellow spammers
V. Thou shall keep Spam to Trash Talk Forums
VI. Thou shall keep to the Code
VII. Thou will memorize atleast 10 smilie codes
VIII. Thou shall derail
IX. Thou shall honor thy King
X. Thou shall follow
XI. Thou shall not double, triple, quadriple, ect. POST!

Article II: Seven Deadly Spam Sins

1. ReRailing
2. Individuality
3. Rick-Rolling
4. Flaming in forums other than Trash Talk
5. Offending other
6. Double Posting
7. Disobediance

Article III: Kingship

1. Thou will honor thy king.
2. He is head of the Trash Talk fourms.
3. He is resposible for upholding the code.
4. He will have over one thousand (1000) posts.
5. He will pass the 'torch' to a younger spammer when he sees fit
6. He is the ideal spammer.

Article IV: Rules of Spamming

1. Follow the CODE.
2. Spam AWAY.
3. You will be inducted into the Spam Council when you reach 500 posts.

This is the code as laid down by DEATH EATER MUSH, Heathan God of Spammoria


Tech raiding is immoral, sig if your down.

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Codex Spammoria
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